what youtubes most linked to videos tell us about humanity

Posted on October 16, 2009


I stumbled across this list of youtube ‘s most linked to video’s on SEOmoz (yes, its sad, i know). life choices aside, herewith is the list

Most Linked to Videos:

  1. Susan Boyle Performs on Britain’s Got Talent  – pop TV at its finest. what would have happened if macgyver was big now??
  2. Rick Astley – Rick Roll  – a nice guy i am sure, but its not one of the finest moments of 80s culture (yes, i know – not many in any case)
  3. Judson Laipply – Evolution of Dance  – its pretty cool if you havent seen it
  4. Work at Home Infomercial (in Polish) – not sure, dont speak polish – let me know if you do
  5. Web 2.0 The Machine is Us/ing Us – nuff said 10011101010
  6. Free Hugs Campaign – yay
  7. OK Go on Treadmills  – que?
  8. Michael Jackson – Thriller – look, i never liked this album, or anything after the cool disco michael
  9. Rick Astley – Rick Roll (Sadly, this is not a typo. It really is on the list twice…)
  10. Battle at Kruger Between Lions, Buffaloes, & Crocodiles – now this IS cool. its also interesting the impact that wildlife has on the internet – the fact that this is a piece of great SA advertising is just a cherry on top
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