augmented reality – really

Posted on October 17, 2009


for the longest time i saw the mobile phone as just another web browser in the long run – so what would be on the net would be on the phone and vice versa. mobile content (as in ringtones etc) was interesting but not something that could be a long term trend at current margins as it would tend towards internet level of pricing (i.e. free). the idea of personalization was an added extra to the phone, the fact that a cell number is attached to every transaction ivia the wap header is definitely an improvement over cookies and logins used on the traditional internet.

That’s until location came out, location based services and the mobile phone change the world completely. It started out as maps and tagging – which are great. The idea of location based advertising also opened up a new layer of potential advertising and services based on (obviously) where you are. Now with camera and gyroscope controls within iphones (and i am sure other phones too). in comes AR – augmented reality – and a host of great opportunities to display related information. check out this article.

inevitably, the mobile phone will go the way of the calculator and some form of visual communicator will take over – but at that point, AR will still be relevant.

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