why do things go “viral”

Posted on November 3, 2009


we recently had an experience were one of the content items created by jacaranda went viral. unfortunately, many people never  knew it was jacaranda’s as people edited out the heads and tails of it :(.

In gneral good viral work needs to have the brand as part of it or a major campaign afterwards to own what you did virally – so people have the aha moment (aha – so they did it).  as its hard to know what is viral and what isnt, its probably best to have a plan of how to build something up that has this potential

http://www.goviral.com provides a view of top ten viral videos and what they think will happen next ….

the dove facebook campaign is another excellent example of a viral campaign.

tying this in with radio and everything else, this is another way in which radio excels, it provides the momentum to grow a piece of content into a viral campaign… more on this in the future 🙂


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