music 2.0 heats up

Posted on November 20, 2009


quiet a bit of interesting news coming out. a few new music and video plays. vevo – the youtube and labels JV launched dec 8 and givera, an australian company is piloting ad funded music with a deal from universal. and zune are now included in the x-box, while sony is trying to catch up to that one.  In another development Rhapsody – the JV between MTVN and Realnetworks is to be spun off as a seperate unti. spotofify is preparing to open up a US operation though labels arent convinced that the advertising for free and premium subscription model will work for them.

the music 2.0models are still in a shake up. EMI is in trouble after ctigrpoup refused restructuring and is aiming for a break up of the business while changes to copyright threaten long term revenue streams for labels. it could just be that all of these upstart music plays will b the lifeblood of the new labels as they enter revenue share agreements with them – perhaps the margins may even be better when the hard osts (CD printing etc) have dissappeared?

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