the bigger impact of search walled gardens? its search Jim, but not as we know it…

Posted on November 27, 2009


An interesting articles about how greed could end up undermining the efficacy of search over all. Basically, if some sites only allowed themselves to be indexed by certain search engines (for cash) the overall search experience would start to fail as the “best result” wouldnt be possible anymore. This would dramatically change the nature of search from being something you trusted, to something that was only providing an aproximate best result taht you would check on another search engine.

But here is the most interesting element – google has already been doing this. with their book digitization projects and publishing projects, both create exclusivity for search results of that content only to them. Walled gardens arent a new strategy, think AOL at the emergence of the Internet and how the perception of “propietary content” held them back from significant subscriber growth.

Probably all that will happen is that somebody will put a layer on top to search both and a whole aggregation and specialized search model will evolve…