imeem, lala, and vevo – music industry has high hopes

Posted on December 11, 2009


its been an exciting couple of weeks

1. imeem get sold to murdoch’s myspace
2. lala is bought by apple – this is very exciting as it opens up the door to both streaming music via itunes AND offline storage of music and videos.. can we see a network ipod in our future
3. is distributing via xbox live and apparently hugely successful. this is a very smart distribution move and it will be intersting to see what sony does
4. vevo – googles music industry “will be profitable again” play is launched, but only in the US 😦

overall, if the music industry can stop itself from messing this up, they have a good chance of being hugely profitable in the future.

the big question is what happens to radio now? all this streaming music – am i actually going to listen to music format radio?

and for labels, their biggest risk is expiring control of artist IP and how do they remain relevant in a world where the cost to record, sell and distribute music is now almost free.

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