google gets it – simplifies bloggers monetising

Posted on January 13, 2010


you gotta ask yourself – why am i using wordpress when you read a release like this…

1. google is trying to make it easy
2. google is being fair to its contributors

both of those are fundamental drivers for success in this arena

While big publishers try to figure out how to get millions of web users to pay for their content, indie bloggers continue to churn out blog posts for free, or barely monetized with search and display ads from Google’s AdSense—if they’re lucky. Now bloggers using Google’s Blogger platform have another option: affiliate sales revenues from Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN). The two companies partnered to make Amazon’s self-serve affiliate sales program accessible through Blogger; users that refer sales to Amazon get up a 15 percent referral fee per purchase.

Amazon’s platform lets bloggers insert a link or an image of a product in their posts, without needing to change anything on the back end. So someone writing about the pictures they took on a recent trip, could note that they used a Canon digital camera and include a link to the make and model in their post. The same goes for a book reviewer, writing about the latest NYT best-seller.

Giving Blogger users access to Amazon affiliate sales is a good move for Google (NSDQ: GOOG), as it gives potential blog owners another reason to choose Blogger over the glossier WordPress, since WordPress doesn’t allow free users to run ads. In a statement, Google Blogger product manager Rick Klau says as much: “Our goal is … to make Blogger the easiest platform for bloggers to make money on.” Release.

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