murdoch vs the internet – NYT to get a paywall

Posted on January 21, 2010


so it seems we dont know much, but we do know that NYT will go behind a paywall for some of its content in 2011. so freemium is the model.

after all the positioning and bolstering, i was expecting something more dramatic. but the guys prett much backed down. to quote “We also selected the metered model because it offers a number of important virtues from a financial and growth perspective. It allows to remain a vibrant part of the search-driven Web, which has proven to be an integral reason for why we have become an industry leader in display advertising. This flexibility enables us to create a proper ratio between free and paid content and to aggressively build on our very successful digital advertising business.”

i.e. search is really, really important for our business. thank you google for making us successful.

they have also opted to not work through the two “content retail device” giants (apple and amazon) either preferring to control the user relationship. the strategy sounds right, though the playing field is shifting rapidly towards an integrated device as the distribution channel. interesting to see how this pans out

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