youtube looking at pay models

Posted on January 21, 2010


youtube has announced two interesting deals:

1. video rental of 5 sundance movies plus some suporting clips. the price will be $3.99 and a major call for independant film makers is being done. this is awesome for film producers as it provides a low cost way to distribute their content and retain some form of control. this is scary for film distributors…

2. live streaming of the IPL on youtube! here are some of the comments: Already, Google India is clearly hoping to make a killing on ad sales. From the announcement: “The advertising options on YouTube will be available only for a limited number of sponsors over the course of the season. Companies will have the opportunity to sponsor live streamed matches, match re-broadcasts, and ongoing viewership of clips and highlights. Advertisers will be able to advertise on the YouTube homepage, the live stream page, video ads during the match itself amongst several other innovative formats.”

There will be 20 different user-selectable camera feeds, like stumpcam and a view from behind the bowler. Google says it will also add non-live videos including highlights, interviews, pitch-side reports – “an alternative view of the match not available on television or any other media”. And it will use its social network Orkut to host an IPL-branded community supporting live chats with players and team owners, plus competitions and match polls.

IPL chair Lalit Modi, in, suggests the deal is bigger than that: “This changes the world of sports broadcasting. The internet has changed the lives of everyone and this will do the same for sport.

“We are now taking our event truly global for the first time. Google gives us access to 500 million pairs of eyes every single moment of the day … It doesn’t matter if you live in Australia and the games are shown during the middle of the night. Now you will be able to get up in the morning and, if you have an internet connection, watch the action at a time of your choosing and not have to wait for a broadcaster to repeat it.”

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