social gaming platforms and why its going to push the boundaries on entertainment

Posted on August 24, 2010


i wish i had spent more time playing video games!

World of Warcraft generates $2.5B a year – thats a lot more than most movies do. in fact, other than runaway successes like avatar most movies dont even come close.

but games are only beginning to cash in:

1. 3DTV is going to push the gameplay experience to a new level. to sell the TVs they are going to push the games as that will be a driving force

2. social networks will drive more gaming. not only will social obligation drive people to play more with their network (i.e. friends)

3. in game commerce will become socially acceptable (in the old days people were opposed to cheats, now these will be part of the game) and make up the story

4. in game advertising – its ubiquitous! advertisers will target gaming as much as they had movies with product placement and more. free (ad funded) high quality games are a matter of time

there are a lot more nuances to this phenonmenon – but its going to dwarf box office sales and even the mechandising (not to mention game merchandising). as gaming moves from a fringe activity inhabited by nerds to mainstream, watch this industry absolutely explode