digitaledge live thoughts

Posted on September 17, 2010


I attended and spoke at the digitaledge conference yesterday and some things really hit home.

1. its 15 years on and most digital people are … digital. they are fixated on it with little understanding of the bigger marketing picture and the (small) role digital actually plays in it. I often have a similiar complaint about accountants who confuse counting the  beans with actualy making the beans and thus put the cart before the horse.

2. measurement – look, it is very important to measure and digital is much easier to measure – but measurement cannot be the USP you hang a medium on. traditional media has been mesured for ages (sometimes very in depth) and many retail metrics are more powerful than online metrics (like coupons or sales data). selling  measurement doesnt make it creative, it may in fact hinder creativty for “effectiveness” which is the art of measuring what you know but not leaping into the unknown (brecause you dont know if that will work).  if digital had a tagline what would it be “go digital, its measurable”… i dont think so

over and out