whats up with skype

Posted on October 10, 2010


i have been tracking the skype IPO progress with some interest. the 500 million user bohemoth is looking for $100Million, officially, and $1 Billion unofficially to tak the telco market by storm.

technically, its possible and getting easier everyday, to provide high quality VOIP over wifi and 3G. the ubiquity of access issue is something that time will fix pretty quickly.  they are claiming $13M profit for the last fiscal on $400M in revenues but then also asking people to accept their non gaap numbers of $128M for the same period (maybe in sales where the calls have not been made yet?).

rumours of their integration with facebook are interesting, as that would be a very natural fit and it seems obvious as a connection point. the launch of their new mobile app and their cutting out of fring however both leave much to be desired.

this could be one of those change the world events where telco’s really start worrying…



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