hulu vs netflix – who will win?

Posted on October 17, 2010


i have been curious for some time how this battle will roll out. firstly, is this a winner take all type market where the gap between #1 and #2 is so large its effectively a one horse race, such as search, auctions etc.

last night, hulu cut off access to fox content to cablevision subscribers as fox and cablevision were in negotiations. this kind of reliance on corporate masters may be a real issue for hulu as it competes with netflix, who is beholden to no-one. at some point netflix will go the way of amazon and allow self-publishing (or self producing in TV/Movie formats) and the ability to promote and sell your own movies. that will be a HUGE move forward as the biggest movie producers in the world are rapidly moving outside of hollywood and big budgets.

it could all come down to a philosophical view. can the networks conceive that great content is not within their control and that there will be many substitutes to their offerings and what will their response be?


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