will android beat apple

Posted on October 18, 2010


there might be a unique business advantage to the google apps model that apple cannot beat – they dont want to make money from apps – they want app developers to.

that is a scary thought for steve!

google’s search revenues are $1Billion from mobile search alone and as that is growing rapidly, expect it to be over $2B within 18 months.

comments from googles results from eric schmidt

“success of one thing impinge on something else, but a rising tide lifts all boats. All the companies driving the web are doing well. From offline to online they’re searching more, using apps more, etc. From our perspective, we have Android which will be a huge huge success. Open, plenty of partners 90,000 applications, many have search. Dont see as a net negative.

one way to think about Android one of the biggest platform plays in the market. Market larger than the PC market. Think of mobile as phone + tablet. We hope to be the leader. People who use Android search twice as much as anyone else. Searches are shared with carriers no one else. On that basis, Android hugely profitable. Android likely to be financially successful. We can layer on value-added services.

Primary purpose now is the open platform.”