yahoo Q3 results dissappointing

Posted on October 20, 2010


yahoo reported its results today, earnings were solid but its the revenue growth thats missing? improving the earnings based on cost cutting and management of internal structures is fairly easy to do- but getting new revenues is much more difficult as its open to the challenges of the market. the increasing power of ad networks are a real threat to Yahoo! and with a market that seems to be heating up on display – yahoo isnt showing much of that at all.

from all things D

Yahoo turned in a much-needed solid quarter in its third-quarter earnings report, with slightly better-than-expected net income, although still weak revenue.

Wall Street has been watching Yahoo’s performance closely this quarter, due to the swirl around the company over takeover scenarios, departed execs and general management mishegas.

Wall Street consensus was that Yahoo’s net income would rise to 15 cents a share from 13 cents a year ago and and revenue would be be a flattish $1.13 billion.

Instead, Yahoo’s net revenue was $1.12 billion–which is with traffic acquisition costs taken out–on earnings of 29 cents a share. But net earnings per diluted share for the third quarter of 2010 included a benefit of 13 cents per diluted share related to the gain on sale of HotJobs.

The revenue weakness is worrisome, as it indicates a lack of search advertising growth at Yahoo, even as competitors such as Facebook expand rapidly as social networking explodes.

In addition, Google also turned in stellar quarterly results earlier this week, along with Apple.

Even more important is a weaker outlook for the fourth quarter.

In addition, the key metric of page views was down, four percent in the quarter, while employee growth was up seven percent.

Here is a link to BoomTown’s liveblogging of the analyst conference call, as well as the Silicon Valley Internet giant’s financial slides.