insights from africa media leaders conference

Posted on November 25, 2010


i attended and prattled on at the africa media leadership conference last week and definately learned some great things from some amazing participants.

most inspiring was trevor Ngcube’s talk on press freedom. we really do take this for granted and sometimes wikileaks just isnt enough – though it could be. citizen journalism is promising here as there is great safety in crowds and mobile posting of articles and pictures – as seen in Iran.

Herman Heunis was interesting to talk to about MXit and his plans for the platform – its really exciting and a great SA success story. if you dont know what mxit is, its a 30Million user mobile social network that has grown in Africa.

Geoff Cohen (who claims he isnt jewish BTW) is the GM of – the 800 pound gorilla in the SA publishing market (though i we are the 600p poung guerilla) spoke about the investment period that it took to make what it is today

Branko (whose surname i wont spell) spoke about the approach a little guy needs to take to win in this market. i think he has done a great job BTW. he was misquoted on a tweet, and that seems to have gotten all teh attention.

last, but not least, Jessica Verreli VP Corp Dev spoke about twitters growth in africa ( a pretty scary J curve) and its use over sms. critical requirement in africa is the easy access via sms and i suspect taht twitter will make a great difference in SA (and may impact mxit even)