groupon changing the face of online ecommerce. google rumoured to acquire for $2.5Billion

Posted on November 29, 2010


In ancient times gone past, people would congregate in markets to buy food, trade and generally catch up. generally, we havent seemed to change much with social media and ecommerce becoming a very strong link – i guess people just like buying stuff with other people around.

so while groupon is being touted as the fastest growing company… ever, by forbes – it is rapidly growing to 500 cities and 3000 staff and being acclaimed for… its effectiveness by marketers (not advertisers). so here is why this is interesting – marketers, the people who figure out the 4Ps (remember those?) and how we sell are interested because groupon drives discovery, trial and conversion as well as social interaction around a brand – so its amazon, google and facebook rolled into one.

so that is why google has been rumoured to be buying groupon for $2,5 Billion…