ipad magazine sales plummet – maybe its time to say goodbye?

Posted on January 3, 2011


even with all the sexy new sleekness that an ipad delivers to users and new magazines, people have just stopped buying magazines, generally, people are blaming the fact that you need to compete with all the other apps that are out there – maybe thats true.. but maybe the real issue that people have  trialled the online mags and CHOSEN not carry on.  this could have been due to the fact that in June, there wasnt much else that was cool and new, and now there is a lot of new stuff.

magazine sales falling on ipad


overall, how does this compare to other ipad apps? have all categories seen this kind of drop? the answer is no, other categories are growing dramatically since launch, and seeing as there are more ipads out now than in June, the drop in numbers truly is inidcative of people voting with their feet (fingers).

could it be – the the magazine concept isnt relevant anymore? could it be that we are spending so much time making a better mousetrap when there arent any mice?  i dont know if embedding video and making the experience better is really the be all and end all of a “magazine”? i look at top gear (the BBC car show) – effectively its a car magazne, but on TV, with a dfferent concept and approach to a print magazine completely (basically 3 guys screwng around with cars and having huge amounts of fun doing it) – and it works like crazy because its not trying to be a magazne. this whole concept of a journalist etc is maybe a dying format. people are definately reading more and people are definately using more media (i do count blogs as media) and getting the info they want.. just not from magazines!

chart of the day (from whom i got this graph) is an interesting view on this. is it a magazine? is it a newspaper?  it is actually someting new that actually works in an online/mail format.  its the whole user experience that needs to be redone, not just the glossy cover!