the classified advertising space in africa

Posted on February 5, 2011


came across this interesting post by white african regarding the classified and listing space in africa. the interesting element for me is just how little real advertising and ability for businesses to promote their services existed before. the online/mobile advertising revolution for small businesses will dramatically change the landscape by creating real growth of business especially from the micro level  to the medium level.

MIH seems to be making some significant headway in this space with a number of competing plays (dealfish and mocality). most interestingly, following an ebay model too, where classifieds and listings are seen as a key strategic aspect to drive more businesses on line over time. the mobile phone is a key component here, making t both easier to add businesses (through an agent model) and to find businesses.

looking 5 years down the track, these are really great invstments that are hitting key socio-economic trends.