android paid app downloads lower than iphone

Posted on April 12, 2011


according to business insider, app developers arent buying the media frenzy regading iphone devices.

1. measurement via comscore is problematic, as they measure ad impressions. as more apps are downloaded for free on android than on iphone – they have more impressions

2. the app download rate is higher on iphone by 5:1 – with more users being willing to pay

While Android’s year over year “percentage growth” in app sales was more  impressive
compared to Apple’s iOS growth, Android’s software revenues  actually grew only by $91 million over last year, while Apple’s App Store grew  by a whopping $1.013 billion, more than 11 times as much real growth in terms of  revenue dollars. Handset sales by all Android licensees combined were higher  than Apple’s in 2010, but that did not result in greater app sales nor even in  greater web use by Android users.

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