paperless couponing and credit card integration shows “groupon” market of the future

Posted on May 10, 2011


the latest offering by amex and levelup is a shining light for the future of the coponing/vouchering market. by making the system paperless, a fundamental cmplexity has been taken out of the process for users and by linking it into your credit card (amex in this instance) it makes it so easy to use that it will become a seamless part of every day processes. what it also does is make credit card companies significant marketing partners for retailers. rather than having t build up a user base, like couponing businesses, these companies already have extensive user data – and they know what you actually buy and where. if the credit card companies culd create their own “couponing” engine, built into their system instead of loyalty points they would increase their share of revenue with retailers tremendously (think 50% groupon type share vs 5% transaction fee) with special offers.