will steve job’s resignation derail apple’s innovation culture?

Posted on August 26, 2011


Steve Jobs resgination while expected is still a bit of a shock. Apple has done such a good job at product development and innovation that i have ended up with three of their products (ipad, iphone and airbook) as my primary tech.

while the apple stock seems to have tanked by 7% , showing investor nervousness – does this mean that apple’s great product innovation is based purely on one person? While Jobs’s management style has often been quoted as being obsessed about quality and user experience – will those attitudes disappear once he is gone? has ne built them into apples DNA (as cook claims) or will something better come out as the culture naturally evolves?

Steve’s first act when he took over control again at Apple was to kill the breadth of the product range and focus it on a few core areas. this can only be undertaken by strong leaders and in essence defines how successful the innovation is due to its focus. Will cook have the ability to manage innovation so effectively so that “less” can be done rather than more which is often to output of a creative culture.