the size of ad networks and exchanges

Posted on September 27, 2011


a good article from exchangewire on the size of adnetworks and exchanges and some projections. I have recently some a range of presentations and predictions and most seem to center around 50% of the available inventory online will be sold by adnetworks and exchanges… I am pretty confident that if that is the consensus its probably wrong (consensus numbers normally are). I suspect the more exterme versions are correct (but we ignore them because its too scary to consider) and its going to be a far larger number, especially based on what is happening in the data space, then what is currently predicted.

the exchangewire article below, or go to their site

I had a stab at estimating the size of the UK ad network market in a previous post. As ad nets are notoriously tight-lipped about revenue numbers, there was very little data to work with. And why should they reveal their annual earnings? It’s not really in their interests afterall. Sure, NMA publishes an annual supplement on the ad net market – but very few of the big players provide hard figures. Better to keep the pubs in the dark for fear of proper debate. The previous ExchangeWire estimates were based on IASH, IAB and industry insider data. But they were out given the absence of IAB data on the size of the UK display market in 2009 – the last post was based on guestimates. Given that the IAB Europe has now released its 2009 online advertising data for the UK and Europe, I am going to have another attempt at putting a figure on the size of the present UK ad network and ad exchange marketplace.

Note that all estimates are based again on data from a number of sources and information gleaned from industry insiders – and as such should not be used to beat your ad net provider up over. All figures are in euros.
The Breakdown Of The 777 Million Euro (£631 Million on today’s exchange rate) UK Display Market. How Much Are Publishers Selling Directly? How Much Run Thorugh Ad Nets And Exchanges?

The Breakdown Of The Ad Network Market – Which Is Estimated By ExchangeWire To Be Around 264 Million Euro (£214 Million on today’s exchange rate). Top Ten Ad Nets Versus The Rest.