how the harlem shake went viral – hint: it wasnt by chance

Posted on March 31, 2013


how the harlem shake went viral – hint: it wasnt by chance

I love stories like Psy, where the internet helps somebody become an instant success (less excited about Bieber for no good reason). the story of the harlem shuffles meteoric rise as a meme is impressive. it actually takes some effort to do this, and more than one lonely person in a dorm room.

so it was interesting to come across this article analysing the history of this meme and how it got to where it is. the writer points out the involvement of big media in the growth and how this seeded the trend. This is an interesting aspect of modern media, at what point do you “own” the meme… seeing it was on youtube, it was based on who got the royalty check and made the cash. and thus the line between creator (or contributor to a meme) and beneficiary gets a little more blurred.