About Nevoda

Nevo Hadas Started designing websites in 1995 in one of SA’s first web design companies. He joined Hunt Lascaris in 1996 where he ran operations for their online business. He co-founded and became Digital Director of tool® communications, TBWA’s through the line and online agency working on online strategies for a variety of global brands. Nevo was a Loeries judge for the first digital Loeries and the agency won emerging agency of the year. Wanting to get more into technology and products, he left and co-founded dy/dx technologies in 1998, a software business focusing on telecoms billing and customer care for the SaaS market (when it was still called ASP). The business was suported by Sun Microsystems and raised venture capital funding in South Africa taking the business to the US in 1999. In 2000 the company closed additional VC rounds in the US and had offices in San Franciso, Denver, Boston and London.  Nevo had a range of positions in the business including Managing Director/CEO. In 2002, the company was selected as one of the top 50 technology startups in California. Nevo returned to SA to focus on building the Sub Saharan Africa market, and working with many of the top Telco’s in the region.

On leaving Systesfusion, Nevo undertook product development and innovation consulting projects for Telecoms and Venture capital companies including  Alcatel Lucent IP transformation lab, Smile Telecoms, Swiftnet and many others.

Nevo joined Kagiso Media to build their digital division and head up media convergence initiatives in 2009. He acquired new digital assets such as gloo digital and created a partnership with Microsoft for Kagiso to operate and sell the MSN portal, Hotmail and other windows live properties throughout SSA. Nevo left Kagiso in February 2011 after growing the digital business into a full division.

Nevo currently consults for a number of media and technology businesses around innovation, business strategy and the perfect cup of coffee.


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