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how the harlem shake went viral – hint: it wasnt by chance

March 31, 2013


how the harlem shake went viral – hint: it wasnt by chance I love stories like Psy, where the internet helps somebody become an instant success (less excited about Bieber for no good reason). the story of the harlem shuffles meteoric rise as a meme is impressive. it actually takes some effort to do this, […]

kleiner perkins predictions for the internet … from 2012

March 26, 2013


I love looking at old predictions for future growth. its like watching old star wars and buck rogers series and wondering why they have buttons on ships. they could figure out hyperdrive and space travel, but touch screens… (i am not even talking about mental links as that just makes for bad visual effects). these […]

How does Gilt’s business model work?

October 11, 2012


Answer by Matthew Carroll: Completely Reworked Answer that was published by the Business of Fashion: I ran a three part Forbes series:  The Rise of Gilt Groupe: [Part 1]  The Great Recession Fuels the Perfect Storm –[Part 2]  Gilt Ascends to Dominate the US Private Sales Landscape – [Part 3]   Gilt's Strategy […]

You have no idea how to measure ROI on Facebook, until you read this

October 7, 2012


Does FB suck as an advertising platform? We could go into a long diatribe about community and  finding new friends etc but the short answer is, you dont know… you dont know because there isnt much FB tells you that is of REAL value outside of FB (and even there the stats are kinda garbled). […]

using psychology for improving User Experience (UX)

August 31, 2012


a great article from Business insider looks at 47 techniques to optimize the way you develop pages to maximise the user experience. a lot of these look at debunking comon myths around what works and doesnt work.

unleashing behavioral psychology to create addiction – welcome to web 2.0.

August 16, 2012


i have been reading a number of articles recently that speak about how web companies are using neuroscience and behavioral pyschology to create addictive “experiences”. Basically, creating positive dopamine loops that give people a little “pleasure” boost and have them coming back like little rats on a treadmill… (facebook like, social badges, online games etc…) […]

ebook taxes higher than physical books in europe because…

July 5, 2012


the EU is acting against France and Luxemburg who have reduced the VAT on ebooks to match that on physical books. physical books and newspapers enjoy a reduced VAT rate to promote reading, culture etc… so why would ebooks have any other impact on readers than physical books, surely if i am reading a physical […]