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ad revenues for digital media – 2011 numbers

October 12, 2011


an interesting piece of research by silicon alley insider shows the average ad revenues per user for a number of different media sites.   its interesting to see how quickly facebook has climbed and that Yahoo! is still monetizing so effectively per user.   They compare this to the projected twitter revenues, which dont look […]

context makes a difference for ad effectiveness

October 14, 2010


it seems pretty obvious, but worth looking at again. there is a warm and fuzziness that extends beyond just seeing the ad that has to do with where you see the ad. seeing an ad for a volvo on an unrelated blog isnt as good as seeing it on a respected brand – it may […]

google on the future of display advertising

October 3, 2010


the seven predictions for display advertising - a $50B industry within 5 years.

microsoft continues to invest in media. shows strong growth

July 23, 2010


MS advertising revenues estimated at $3.2B with over $320 spent this qtr on R&D for online services alone.

old media takes a hit, new media grows in 2009 market

March 18, 2010


5% growth for display only advertising while old media loses up to 25% of adspend

murdoch new york times still focusing on free access, launches self serve property advrtising

January 17, 2010


while complaining about the end of newspapers as we know it, murdoch's NYT seems to be embracing the changing climate by launching a self service property advertising platform for realtors.

murdoch vs google

November 10, 2009


In the red corner, the machiavelli of old media... richard "the svaiour" murdoch. in the blue corner, the gigantic growing newbie - google. Is richard Murdoch just too old to understand the shifting environment we are in? is he being a sore loser? will taking the NYT off google hurt anybody other than NYT?