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patents key to mobile platform wars.

July 17, 2011


The nortel patent battles may seem arbitrary but they may decide the future of the mobile platforms environment. these patents could derail the android market growth potential as Microsoft and Apple have teamed up to own critical patents that Abdroid utilises. so what could this mean? 1. MS/Apple making money off android’s growth and starving […]

Using patents to crowd out competitors: the story of android vs Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, etc

May 29, 2011


the free operating system that is android, is actually not so free, well not for manufacturers who wish to install it anyway.  A string of patent infringement law suits are being used to create a “cost” for the Operating System (OS) which will create a charge that will artificially drive up the cost per Android, […]

Do apps deliver ROI?

December 3, 2010


research is showing the drop off rate in app usage continues to be high, with the complexity of getting visibility getting even larger as more apps are added to the store. An interesting analysis by pinch media (presentation below) is that due to the low reuse of apps, very few of them ever make any […]

apple sues nokia, nokia sues apple and on

January 4, 2010


the lawyers keep getting rich as nokia sues apple for breaching 7 patents.

lala and apple – what could it mean?

December 12, 2009


the lala acquisition could open up a range of new opportunities for apple. not only would you be able to acces your music from any device anywhere (wouldnt that be nice) but a number of other opportunities like selling music via search.