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different levels of innovation in the same business – the movie industry challenge

January 5, 2012


Its been very interesting for me to see how the movie business (and music to some extent) has really struggled with two different innovation levels at the same time. On one hand, the products they make, content, is all about ideas, reinvention and small virtual teams that come together to do a project and then […]

Experiences vs Content

July 22, 2011


Often, we are too caught up in creating great content but not great experiences. Especially in traditional media, we spend too much time trying to populat online or mobile environments with the same content as we have in our other mediums and consider it a competitive advantage when its actually probably not as impactful as […]

why netflix wont beat HBO

February 24, 2010


the complexity of licensing content seems to keep the status quo, under this regime netflix, with a profit of $115M will get crushed by HBO with a profit of over $1B. but is content or distribution king