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will patent reform really create more jobs

September 9, 2011


The US is currently looking at changing its patent law system to “create” more jobs by tightening it up. Patent and Copyrights, while critical as they provide a limited monopoly period for companies to protect their inventions and thus attract investors dont necessarily lead to the level of advancement that they could, especially if one […]

Is a scoop a relevant concept in todays newsroom

July 22, 2011


This slideset is from the EODM course that was recently held at Rhodes, and its an interesting discussion point specifically with traditional media journalists. Is a scoop, something that sells more papers in the physical world, of any value in the digital world or is opinion and multi-media more valuable? where does copyright fit in […]

would reducing copyright periods change anything

January 2, 2010


an interesting view on the role of the length of time copyright exists for and the role it plays in society

review of vevo

December 18, 2009


interesting review of vevo

google vs murdoch and their joint publishing R&D

December 18, 2009


murdoch lambasts google on one side but NYT seems to be an initial partner in two new google puclishing projects?

google exploring charging for youtube work as a freemium service

December 16, 2009


looks like youtube is exploring a freemium model to capture long form videos. this makes sense as a continuation of the vevo strategy of paid for premium content.

small is the new big in movies

December 14, 2009


are movie studios starting to behave like VC's?