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social networks revenues reach $4 Billion in 2010, user value trending to $4

January 29, 2011


by now you may have realised my obsession with the revenue per user of different types of digital plays.  why, you may ask? the critical issue in many digital environments is understanding what the key levers of your business are and where the true margins are and could be coming from. revenue per user comparissons […]

facebook links worth $2.52 for eventbrite

October 14, 2010


eventbrite, a leading eventing software business has figured out teh value of each facebook referal is $2,52 – and it makes sense as people virally send out event invites to their friends. with social networks rapidly becoming bigger sources of traffic for some sites than search the connection beween ecommerce and social networking is going […]

review of vevo

December 18, 2009


interesting review of vevo

display technology catching up to search

December 6, 2009


new technologies and trends to increase the relevance of banners is a boon for media companies that create content. a great article by search engine land shows what the new gadgets are.

apple buys lala

December 5, 2009


apple buys lala in recognition of changing shape of music sales to streaming model from pure downloads.

murdoch vs google and the whole internet

December 3, 2009


Murdoch and buddies bitch about "feee" and the internet killing newspapers. The internet is your best hope fighting against your real newspaper killer - news channels on TV! the TV breaks the news, not newspapers. People have the TV on the whole day, it is becoming companion media in some instances. Newspapers have sold a "package" to advertisers based on a thin veneer of news and a whole lot of aggregation - so revenues will drop as they have less to sell, only news.

the long tail, aka category leadership

November 30, 2009


how do you achieve success in the long tail, is it by plan or by accident - and finally, who actually succeeds there?