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why microsoft is undervalued as a new media stock and could easily IPO its media assets for more than $100B

April 19, 2012


With facebook’s valuation at 100 Billion based (predminantly) on its 850Million users (nobody is quoting active users though),  the valuation is roughly $11.7 per user. Microsoft, with over 700 Million consumer eyeballs (yup, between MSN/hotmail/messenger /xbox and skype)  and somewhere around 500 Million registered users it is in most countries a major digital media player […]

Getting traffic to your site – seo and social media

July 24, 2011


Understanding what you are looking for is critical in any marketing initiative, and its no different using these methods. while the details may be different, the measurement of what is working and what isnt working is critical to ensure that you are investing your time and money in the right places. getting traffic to your […]

Amex rewards buy you Facebook ads

July 1, 2011


this is a very interesting channel move from amex and shows some very interesting trends: 1. the ability of advertising platforms aimed at small businesses to leverage third parties to drive demand 2. the increasing power of loyalty programs to create business ecosystems   here is the release American Express has announced that Cardmembers will […]

the flaws of social media platforms according to dunbar

May 1, 2011


the myth of social media is that it allows us to connect with friends, family etc. yet robin dunbar, a well quoted anthroplogist, has often claimed that the optimal number of connections is 150. he has created a list of 4 lies which he says social media networks overlook as they build their software which […]

state of the social networks

February 18, 2011


a really great article on marketing charts about how social networks are performing really brings a couple of issues into focus: 1. measurement is still to web focused and confusing. for instance, if i click like on an item – is that counted as a visit or connection to Facebook? 2. what if i use […]

the amount of content on the internet for 2010, in numbers

January 16, 2011


stumbled across this research from pingdom. rather than focusing on the usual stuff that looks at user numbers, i was interested in the actual amounts of content that is being utilised, uploaded on the net. it seems that email is still be far the biggest item (at least SPAM is the biggest item:). attached is […]

working out how much a unique visitor is worth

January 6, 2011


its always interesting to see how revenues equate based on unique visitors. too often people are caught up in the ego of page views or impressions and miss out the one fundamental fact – uniques drive page views. if you have the uniques you are more likely to have people clicking on ads, buying stuff […]