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case studies for freemium

April 2, 2010


some interesting case studies on the finer aspects of growing a freeemium product business. pandora, mailchimp and others.

youtube looking at pay models

January 21, 2010


you tube sleeping with the enemy. no wait, its more freemium

review of vevo

December 18, 2009


interesting review of vevo

google exploring charging for youtube work as a freemium service

December 16, 2009


looks like youtube is exploring a freemium model to capture long form videos. this makes sense as a continuation of the vevo strategy of paid for premium content.

murdoch vs google and the whole internet

December 3, 2009


Murdoch and buddies bitch about "feee" and the internet killing newspapers. The internet is your best hope fighting against your real newspaper killer - news channels on TV! the TV breaks the news, not newspapers. People have the TV on the whole day, it is becoming companion media in some instances. Newspapers have sold a "package" to advertisers based on a thin veneer of news and a whole lot of aggregation - so revenues will drop as they have less to sell, only news.

ownership not important – access is

November 24, 2009


could the very concept of "owning" music be old fashioned? in todays always connected world does the idea of having a copy of music even make sense when you can access it at any time? the trend is moving away from ownership towards access, but labels are resisting and the problem may lie with corporate remuneration as much as the generation gap.

music 2.0 heats up

November 20, 2009


a number of new music plays are being launched with the blessing of the big players (labels and youtube) with a growing adoption of freemium. labels are feeling the burn, could these new businesses be music 2.0?