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why microsoft is undervalued as a new media stock and could easily IPO its media assets for more than $100B

April 19, 2012


With facebook’s valuation at 100 Billion based (predminantly) on its 850Million users (nobody is quoting active users though),  the valuation is roughly $11.7 per user. Microsoft, with over 700 Million consumer eyeballs (yup, between MSN/hotmail/messenger /xbox and skype)  and somewhere around 500 Million registered users it is in most countries a major digital media player […]

Google changes search algorythm, trying to identify sentiment

December 5, 2010


actually, there are many other issues that google has, but this one was interesting… it turns out a etailer that was getting terrible reviews was coming up top of google search – thereby implying a high quality and recieving lots of business. the real danger comes in when google starts trying to judge what is […]

google fails to buy groupon

December 4, 2010


groupon resisited a $6Billion acquisition by google.  thats an interesting twist. nice article in NYT. it just shows the power of local sales force for local markets. most businesses actually dont want to worry about keyword searches and SEO, they just want to buy some advertising and  drive some business – easily, without the hassle […]

groupon changing the face of online ecommerce. google rumoured to acquire for $2.5Billion

November 29, 2010


In ancient times gone past, people would congregate in markets to buy food, trade and generally catch up. generally, we havent seemed to change much with social media and ecommerce becoming a very strong link – i guess people just like buying stuff with other people around. so while groupon is being touted as the […]

how much is a unique user worth?

March 18, 2010


google tops the table at $18 per unique user, twiter - almost nothing.

france to tax google – issue of advertising market revenues crossing global border

January 9, 2010


the globalization of media and the advertising industry is creating new challenges. big media has always had a very close relationship with government and politicians and the threat of outsiders taking the cash is terrifying. will tax structures be able to stop how people use the internet?

nexus one is here

January 7, 2010


$3,2 Billion in additional revenues isnt too shabby for google.