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why microsoft is undervalued as a new media stock and could easily IPO its media assets for more than $100B

April 19, 2012


With facebook’s valuation at 100 Billion based (predminantly) on its 850Million users (nobody is quoting active users though),  the valuation is roughly $11.7 per user. Microsoft, with over 700 Million consumer eyeballs (yup, between MSN/hotmail/messenger /xbox and skype)  and somewhere around 500 Million registered users it is in most countries a major digital media player […]

linked in IPO, analysis of potential growth in comparison to

May 20, 2011


the linked in IPO has been amazing. firstly, it shows the strong market demand for the digital media business models and for company’s that have executed well over time. This will create a lot of excitement for future IPOs and a lot of investor exuberance (did anybody say bubble?). linked in is stll relatively unknown […]

whats up with skype

October 10, 2010


i have been tracking the skype IPO progress with some interest. the 500 million user bohemoth is looking for $100Million, officially, and $1 Billion unofficially to tak the telco market by storm. technically, its possible and getting easier everyday, to provide high quality VOIP over wifi and 3G. the ubiquity of access issue is something […]

skype IPO means exciting change for telco industry

August 9, 2010


the skype IPO is one that i would definately subscribe to. good growth for H1 2010 and potential to really ramp up once capital increases.