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Is a scoop a relevant concept in todays newsroom

July 22, 2011


This slideset is from the EODM course that was recently held at Rhodes, and its an interesting discussion point specifically with traditional media journalists. Is a scoop, something that sells more papers in the physical world, of any value in the digital world or is opinion and multi-media more valuable? where does copyright fit in […]

economics of media presentation

July 20, 2011


Big Media has always assumed that it is “the good guy” and that citizen journalism, blogging and other forms of independent journalism are bad. this may be because they threaten the livelihood and key tenets of the profession. but as can be seen by the news of the world scandal, maybe the traditional media is […]

news and journalism in the age of wikileaks

December 11, 2010


I once compared journalists to the clergy of dark ages europe. as the only ones who could read, they controlled the access of the people to “truth”. what they said, and how they interpeted the bible decided what those that followed them perceived and believed in. in the bad old days of tightly controlled news […]