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online publishers – adnetworks – the gight continues

April 5, 2010


publishers are worried that ad networks reduce the price of inventory. adnetworks claim they are providing a service.

review of vevo

December 18, 2009


interesting review of vevo

google vs murdoch and their joint publishing R&D

December 18, 2009


murdoch lambasts google on one side but NYT seems to be an initial partner in two new google puclishing projects?

google exploring charging for youtube work as a freemium service

December 16, 2009


looks like youtube is exploring a freemium model to capture long form videos. this makes sense as a continuation of the vevo strategy of paid for premium content.

are publishers moving in on ad networks

December 14, 2009


CBS is the latest in a series of publishers to cut out ad networks.

display technology catching up to search

December 6, 2009


new technologies and trends to increase the relevance of banners is a boon for media companies that create content. a great article by search engine land shows what the new gadgets are.

apple buys lala

December 5, 2009


apple buys lala in recognition of changing shape of music sales to streaming model from pure downloads.