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why microsoft is undervalued as a new media stock and could easily IPO its media assets for more than $100B

April 19, 2012


With facebook’s valuation at 100 Billion based (predminantly) on its 850Million users (nobody is quoting active users though),  the valuation is roughly $11.7 per user. Microsoft, with over 700 Million consumer eyeballs (yup, between MSN/hotmail/messenger /xbox and skype)  and somewhere around 500 Million registered users it is in most countries a major digital media player […]

patents key to mobile platform wars.

July 17, 2011


The nortel patent battles may seem arbitrary but they may decide the future of the mobile platforms environment. these patents could derail the android market growth potential as Microsoft and Apple have teamed up to own critical patents that Abdroid utilises. so what could this mean? 1. MS/Apple making money off android’s growth and starving […]

Using patents to crowd out competitors: the story of android vs Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, etc

May 29, 2011


the free operating system that is android, is actually not so free, well not for manufacturers who wish to install it anyway.  A string of patent infringement law suits are being used to create a “cost” for the Operating System (OS) which will create a charge that will artificially drive up the cost per Android, […]

how much is a unique user worth?

March 18, 2010


google tops the table at $18 per unique user, twiter - almost nothing.

google vs murdoch and microsoft

November 24, 2009


this is starting to sound like rocky! microsoft is now stepping in to murdoch's corner to try and stop google from indexing his news. realistically, this does increase the value of news but will it be effective or just wasted effort. google is not the enemy, changing consumer behavior and advertiser requirements are the issue.