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ipad’s plot to destroy newspapers

January 16, 2011


yes, its dramatic – but it really is possible. by apple insisting that there will be no more free newspapers via the ipad it will achieve two things: 1. it will effectively control 30% of all subscription revenues that they achieve 2. it will own the billing relationship between the consumer and the newspaper and thus […]

restructuring debt, the secret to newspapers future success?

June 27, 2010


maybe the greed of newspaper publishers is a big cause for their current woes. many papers were heavily leveraged by their new owners as they were cash cows - now the industry is looking to write off $14B in debt!

a world without newspapers

April 4, 2010


so murdoch foresaw the death of physical newspapers in the 80's and thought it would lead to higher margins but not more competition, in a booming sector (more news is being consumed than ever before) the model based on scarcity does struggle to be relevant - somebody is going to make a bundle out of online news... murdoch?

murdoch vs the internet – NYT to get a paywall

January 21, 2010


murdoch reveals his cunning plan - freemium. thanks googlers for making his business successful

murdoch new york times still focusing on free access, launches self serve property advrtising

January 17, 2010


while complaining about the end of newspapers as we know it, murdoch's NYT seems to be embracing the changing climate by launching a self service property advertising platform for realtors.

murdoch vs google and the internet … more

December 9, 2009


could scaling back non-core operations be the answer for newspaper profitability?

murdoch vs google and the whole internet

December 3, 2009


Murdoch and buddies bitch about "feee" and the internet killing newspapers. The internet is your best hope fighting against your real newspaper killer - news channels on TV! the TV breaks the news, not newspapers. People have the TV on the whole day, it is becoming companion media in some instances. Newspapers have sold a "package" to advertisers based on a thin veneer of news and a whole lot of aggregation - so revenues will drop as they have less to sell, only news.