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hulu vs netflix – who will win?

October 17, 2010


i have been curious for some time how this battle will roll out. firstly, is this a winner take all type market where the gap between #1 and #2 is so large its effectively a one horse race, such as search, auctions etc. last night, hulu cut off access to fox content to cablevision subscribers […]

what netflix can teach newspapers

October 10, 2010


from newsonomics Reed Hastings has been on a rollercoaster ride in the 13 years since he founded Netflix. From punchline to genius to toast to genius and back, several times over, it seems. In a talk Tuesday night in his hometown of Santa Cruz with TechCrunch’s Sara Lacy, so-sponsored by UC Santa Cruz, he talked […]

blockbuster video about to file for bankruptcy

September 24, 2010


the dramatic change in how we consume media is escalating. the bankruptcy of blockbuster as a video outlet is amazing - it really does increase pressure on labels and distributors to move forward rapidly into a new space and licensing model which has significant implications on the value chain.

hulu a danger for netflix

July 12, 2010


The rise of Hulu threatens to derail Netflix's successful transition from DVDs to web streaming, warns Citi analyst Mark Mahaney in a research report.

netflix targetting 17m subscribers off streaming service

June 6, 2010


growing from 12M tto 17M subscribers due to streaming is a bug jump. in this interesting ppy regarding the netflix service and where it fits, the netflix team makes a case for why their business will prosper... sometime during the presentation i do worry as "having no where else to go" doesnt make for a compelling strategic case.

why netflix wont beat HBO

February 24, 2010


the complexity of licensing content seems to keep the status quo, under this regime netflix, with a profit of $115M will get crushed by HBO with a profit of over $1B. but is content or distribution king

netflix trying to grow

January 4, 2010


netflix trying to get access to movies,