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new media economics

June 28, 2011


shameless attack of ego leads me to use my own ebook as study material.

starving at the feast

July 12, 2010


Never before has so much media been consumed and created, by so many. We are entering a media boom. This boom, however, requires a significant shift in media business models to fit the new paradigms of production and consumption. As with other historical technological shifts, we are moving away from an economy of “scarcity” of media to an economy of plenty. However, we are seeing traditional media companies fail, even while their industry booms. The question of “what business are you in” is ever more relevant to media businesses today, as items that held value in the past rapidly become commoditized and price points are threatened by the concept of “free”. One of the impacted business models is advertising supported media. Most media businesses since the 1940’s have based their income model on the availability of advertising revenue. Like media consumption, advertising revenue will also boom; but how this takes form may change. We are seeing the rapid growth in online, and soon, mobile advertising. New freemium models for content purchases and cost per click advertising are redefining how advertisers and consumers perceive value. Big media businesses, which for a long time have utilized control to impact markets, are now threatened by the freedom of choice that new technologies offer their audience. But is it possible that new technology, rather than spelling the end of media, can bring about a new era? New advertising models that are beneficial to advertiser, consumer and media owner will be possible. Greater variety and choice will demand higher quality content, benefitting the entire value chain from producers to consumers of content. To thrive, the media industry needs to spend more time looking at new opportunities and less defending models of the past.

restructuring debt, the secret to newspapers future success?

June 27, 2010


maybe the greed of newspaper publishers is a big cause for their current woes. many papers were heavily leveraged by their new owners as they were cash cows - now the industry is looking to write off $14B in debt!