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Measuring advertising as engagement vs a Clickthrough

July 22, 2011


Online advertising has been relegated for a long time to an “acquisition” based environment where the only value realised is that of a customer who has clicked or interacted with the advert. However, with rich media and high impact adverts now being available, the story is changing towards the branding value that online can add. […] raises $10M – reveals business model

October 10, 2010

0, the URL shortner just raised another $10M. the startup disclosed that its real business model is selling the data derived from the 6 Billion clicks per month it receives and not the monthly subscription fees it receves from clients like NY times.

the arrogance of newspapers

July 3, 2010


i just saw a great interview with googke chief, eric schmidt, at the newspaper association. his talk was great, explaining quiet succinctly the place for newspapers in the more connected future and the shift in information that we now have. what really opened my eyes were some of the questions posed by Journalists. one blamed […]

are pageviews dead

June 28, 2010


looking to change how advertising works, msnbc is changing its pages to focus on a single page with premium advertising opportunities

starving at the feast – big media struggling to deal with new media

May 21, 2010


so everybody has to try and write an ebook. this is my attempt at it - its an economic view of how big media is struggling to deal with the impact of new media and why.

online publishers – adnetworks – the gight continues

April 5, 2010


publishers are worried that ad networks reduce the price of inventory. adnetworks claim they are providing a service.

a world without newspapers

April 4, 2010


so murdoch foresaw the death of physical newspapers in the 80's and thought it would lead to higher margins but not more competition, in a booming sector (more news is being consumed than ever before) the model based on scarcity does struggle to be relevant - somebody is going to make a bundle out of online news... murdoch?