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classifieds revenues powering search and social buying revenues

March 15, 2011


this is a scary chart, its what happenned to newspaper classifieds revenues… they dissappeared and generally either went to free or to couponing, search and alternative and more effective advertising sources. the chart from SAI chart of the day, shows the decline. as an executive you must have realised what was happening to the business […]

the pros and cons of vouchering and groupon

January 23, 2011


harvard just released a white paper on the impacts of vouchering which looks at the  commercial viability of groupon type deals. while couponing is in no way new, the mechanics and finances of it do raise some very interesting questions regarding viability to merchants. existing research from harvard shows that around 1 in 3 merchants […]

predictions for social buying and groupon

January 5, 2011


great little article, kinda aluded to it in my last post but it got too long Ahh predictions posts, truly a misalignment of incentives: the only ones worth reading are the most outlandish. Fortunately, we’re writing about the Daily Deal space, where more developments occur each month than in entire years elsewhere. So we have […]

groupon and the rapid changing social buying market trends

January 5, 2011


stumbled across this great article looking at the trends in social buying (i.e. groupon and other related sites). i really like these businesses and think there is a great opportunity there from a local space perspective. the most interesting thing for me is that they are so many sites out there that there is now […]