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Getting traffic to your site – seo and social media

July 24, 2011


Understanding what you are looking for is critical in any marketing initiative, and its no different using these methods. while the details may be different, the measurement of what is working and what isnt working is critical to ensure that you are investing your time and money in the right places. getting traffic to your […]

the flaws of social media platforms according to dunbar

May 1, 2011


the myth of social media is that it allows us to connect with friends, family etc. yet robin dunbar, a well quoted anthroplogist, has often claimed that the optimal number of connections is 150. he has created a list of 4 lies which he says social media networks overlook as they build their software which […]

The devaluation of “like” & “friend” as lingual concepts

January 27, 2011


The expansion of social circles due to web and social media has many anthropologists in a quandary, some claim that social networking via a device depersonalizes our interactions and stunts our social skills, while other see a brave new world, with the concept of social interaction changing significantly over the next decade. When we were […]

groupon changing the face of online ecommerce. google rumoured to acquire for $2.5Billion

November 29, 2010


In ancient times gone past, people would congregate in markets to buy food, trade and generally catch up. generally, we havent seemed to change much with social media and ecommerce becoming a very strong link – i guess people just like buying stuff with other people around. so while groupon is being touted as the […]

why social media for brands sucks

October 28, 2010


so here is what i dont get, why do marketers think that people who like their brand on facebook actually like their brand? or are going to buy their brand? or that it even means anything at all other than i saw your call to action and responded for a reason that is often not […]

facebook links worth $2.52 for eventbrite

October 14, 2010


eventbrite, a leading eventing software business has figured out teh value of each facebook referal is $2,52 – and it makes sense as people virally send out event invites to their friends. with social networks rapidly becoming bigger sources of traffic for some sites than search the connection beween ecommerce and social networking is going […]