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how the harlem shake went viral – hint: it wasnt by chance

March 31, 2013


how the harlem shake went viral – hint: it wasnt by chance I love stories like Psy, where the internet helps somebody become an instant success (less excited about Bieber for no good reason). the story of the harlem shuffles meteoric rise as a meme is impressive. it actually takes some effort to do this, […]

youtube video half life is 6 days?

May 28, 2010


as if making viral run away hits wasnt hard enough! most youtue vids get 50% of their total views within 6 days and 75% wthin 20 days.

youtube looking at pay models

January 21, 2010


you tube sleeping with the enemy. no wait, its more freemium

review of vevo

December 18, 2009


interesting review of vevo

google exploring charging for youtube work as a freemium service

December 16, 2009


looks like youtube is exploring a freemium model to capture long form videos. this makes sense as a continuation of the vevo strategy of paid for premium content.

murdoch vs google and the whole internet

December 3, 2009


Murdoch and buddies bitch about "feee" and the internet killing newspapers. The internet is your best hope fighting against your real newspaper killer - news channels on TV! the TV breaks the news, not newspapers. People have the TV on the whole day, it is becoming companion media in some instances. Newspapers have sold a "package" to advertisers based on a thin veneer of news and a whole lot of aggregation - so revenues will drop as they have less to sell, only news.

what youtubes most linked to videos tell us about humanity

October 16, 2009


what do rick astley, polish videos and a free hugs campaign have in common???