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devops – obvious but hard to do

July 22, 2011


so often the breakdown between a good software product and long term success isnt just the market sales etc, but the entire product development lifecycle. Even though agile continiously speaks about the development of integrated teams that include biz, dev,test, doc etc the natural tendency of most companies is to revert to silo’s as often […]

new SEO rules for 2011

June 26, 2011


an interesting analysis by SEOMOZ into the key influencers of SEO. 2011 Overall Ranking Algorithm Source: SEOmoz Ranking Factors

local SEO

November 9, 2010


the fascination with local SEO continues, its quiet a different space and teh amount of small technologies and formats that seem to make a difference is quiet interesting. watch this space as it is sure to get heated! this article from search engine land is really great and gives a very quick overview plus the […]

how does adobe make its money

May 23, 2010


hint, its not flash! the move to HTML 5 could be a boon

free seo tools

February 2, 2010


list of free seo tools

easy behavioral targeting (BT)

January 21, 2010


nice article from on behavioral targeting from search engine land.

local search and google maps

January 5, 2010


the guy who wrote this is very detailed, and have a concerning amount of time on his hands.