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microsoft continues to invest in media. shows strong growth

July 23, 2010


MS advertising revenues estimated at $3.2B with over $320 spent this qtr on R&D for online services alone.

online publishers – adnetworks – the gight continues

April 5, 2010


publishers are worried that ad networks reduce the price of inventory. adnetworks claim they are providing a service.

a world without newspapers

April 4, 2010


so murdoch foresaw the death of physical newspapers in the 80's and thought it would lead to higher margins but not more competition, in a booming sector (more news is being consumed than ever before) the model based on scarcity does struggle to be relevant - somebody is going to make a bundle out of online news... murdoch?

review of vevo

December 18, 2009


interesting review of vevo

are publishers moving in on ad networks

December 14, 2009


CBS is the latest in a series of publishers to cut out ad networks.

is vevo a big mistake for google?

December 12, 2009


is vevo googles decline into the pit of evil? other than the fact that what is good and evil seem to change with time, this is an interesting perspective from Harvard's media lab.

advanced display advertising targeting not being utilised

December 9, 2009


display technologies for targeting advertisers is not being utilised to its full extent. research show that geotargeting and other advanced technologies that optimise the efficacy of banners have yet to be adopted by advertisers.